Their Love Grew From Friendship, Like The Baby Inside Her ...




Photo of Heartbeat, with Brooke Shields Bill Grant (John Ritter) is a successful television producer working on the soap opera A Life Worth Living. He is a recently divorced man who does not see his sons very often. Unbeknownst to him, he constantly crosses paths with Adrian Towers (Polly Draper, from 30-Something). She is a career woman working as a writer for the news and she is married to Steven, a man who had an abusive childhood and therefore has no desire of having children. When she announces that she is pregnant, he forces her to have an abortion. She reluctantly agrees with him, but is unable to go forward with the termination. When Steven finds out, he leaves her, and threatens to file for divorce if she decides to keep the baby.
Adrian has trouble accepting that Steven leaves her and refuses to talk about it to anyone. She soon becomes acquainted with Bill. Although she likes him a lot, she is still very upset over the divorce, which will be finalized only two weeks before she goes into delivery. She accompanies Bill on a camping trip with his two sons and soon notices how much she likes kids. Although she fails to tell him about her pregnancy, they get to know each other even more. He tells her that he once was afraid to become a father, but that it changed when he first held his sons. After admitting to her that he probably never could marry again, he tries to kiss her, but she rejects him, claiming it is too soon for her.
The next morning, Tommy, one of Bill's sons, is almost hit by a car. Adrian tries to save him and pushes him away, only to be hit herself. She is injured and hospitalized, and risks to suffer a miscarriage. Bill soon learns about her pregnancy and she immediately informs him about everything concerning what has happened. He is scared by this news, but continues to support her. However, he admits that he is afraid he will fall in love with her and that she will return to Steven. Later, her lawyer informs her that Steven has no desire of ever seeing his baby and wants her to sign a contract, in which he promises to support her financially, on condition that he won't be responsible for the baby. Adrian refuses to sign it, claiming that he has to see his baby before making that decision. Crushed, she finds comfort with Bill and they end up becoming a romantic couple.
A few months pass by. Adrian notices Steven in a restaurant and decides to confront him, but he refuses to speak to her. Bill advises her to accept that there is no future with Steven. The next day, she is hospitalized for having contractions too early. A short time later, she decides to give in to the divorce and is proposed to by Bill. She accepts his proposal, but makes it clear that she is still not over her marriage with Steven. On Christmas Eve, Adrian gives birth to a boy, who she names Sam. Steven agrees to see him and admits that he wants to renew their relationship for their child's sake. Adrian, however, rejects him. Bill, having seen Steven with her, keeps his distance...


John Ritter ... Bill Grant
Polly Draper ... Adrian Towers
Michael Lembeck ... Ted
Kevin Kilner ... Steven Towers
Nancy Morgan ... Zelda
Christian Cousins ... Tommy Grant
Victor DiMattia ... Adam Grant

Year: 1993 - Running Time: 140 min - Language: English
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Video & Audio: 7-8 out of 10
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