The Promise Movie $9.99 DVD (1997)
Kathleen Quinlan & Stephen Collins




Photo of The Promise The Promise Movie $9.99 DVD (1997): A well made movie from the novel by Danielle Steel. There hasn't been another quite like it since.
The Promise is the touching story of a rich young college man, Michael (Collins), who falls in love with a poor painter, Nancy (Quinlan). When his domineering mother, Marion, finds out he wants to marry the girl she runs an investigative report on her to get all the dirt she can to use against her. However, when Michael learns of this he is only angry with his mother, because the girl's past doesn't matter to him. He's in love with her.
He then calls Nancy on the phone and asks her to marry him, right away because he cannot wait, and she excitedly says yes. On his way to pick up Nancy to go to the Justice of the Peace, Michael picks up his best friend Ben to be the best man at their impromptu wedding. While on their way to get married they have a terrible automobile accident, which lands all three of them in the hospital.
When Michael comes out of his coma, he finds out that Ben was released from the hospital with minor injuries. Marion lies to Michael about Nancy, telling him that she had died in the accident. Unknown to him, while Nancy was still groggy and heavily bandaged, Marion made an underhanded deal with her: Marion will send Nancy to California and pay a plastic surgeon to restore her face; Dr. Peter Gregson is the surgeon Marion has chosen, since she can also, and eventually does, bribe him heavily to serve as her barrier against Michael. The catch is that Nancy will not be permitted to return to Boston or contact Michael again unless he contacts her, with the implication being that he will decide if he wants the relationship to continue after the trauma of the accident. Believing that Michael will find her once he wakes up, Nancy agrees.
Time passes, and Nancy undergoes a series of successful surgeries to repair her face (although she looks significantly different from before the accident). Once healed, with a fresh start, she changes her name to Marie Adamson and becomes a successful photographer. Michael goes on to become a successful architect with his family's business, designing multimillion-dollar business skyscrapers.
His company takes a contract to design a building in San Francisco. Ben, who also now works for the company, visits a gallery where Marie's photographs are being displayed. He approaches Marie; she recognizes him, but he does not recognize her. He tries to talk to her about her doing photographs to be displayed in new buildings being designed. Once she learns of Michael's involvement, she refuses to have anything to do with the project.
Ben tells Michael about this great artist named Marie Adamson that will not sell her art to him. Michael goes to see her and her work for himself …and he feels like they've met before… He doesn't make the connection of her being Nancy because to him Nancy passed years ago. What comes after is something none of them expected…


Kathleen Quinlan ... Nancy McAllister
Kathleen Quinlan ... Marie Adamson
Stephen Collins ... Michael Hillyard
Beatrice Straight ... Marion Hillyard
Michael O'Hare ... Ben Avery
Laurence Luckinbill ... Dr. Peter Gregson
William Prince ... George Calloway
Bibi Besch ... Dr. Faye Allison

Year Released: 1979 - Running Time: 97 min - Language: English
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Video & Audio: 8-9 out of 10
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