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Sunshine Movie Photos with WatermarkSunshine Movie Photos with WatermarkSunshine Movie Photos with Watermark
Sunshine Movie Photos with WatermarkSunshine Movie Photos with WatermarkSunshine Movie Photos with Watermark

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1973's Sunshine is the powerful story and impossible to find movie Sunshine.
It's about a courageous young woman (Kate, played by Cristina Raines) with terminal cancer that leaves a tape-recorded diary for her young daughter Jill. Kate hopes that hearing her mother's thoughts and voice will help to guide Jill on her way while growing up. Knowing and remembering in some way that she had a mother that loved her very much. Kate knows that she can trust Sam (played by Cliff De Young) to care for, love and raise Jill as if she is his own ... because now he is in every way that matters, and in truth always has been.
The movie is based on a true story, written by Carol Sobieski, from the journals of Jacquelyn M. Helton. Kate is a woman that is young, naïve and so full of life and love. She loves the outdoors, the mountains and doing things her own way. Now she is trying to fill her life and all those around her with sunshine, for as long as she can.
The movie is filled with the beautiful songs of John Denver, hence the name "Sunshine". This movie aired in 1973, it has romance, tears, humor and is a movie that will touch your heart again or perhaps for the first time. An extremely popular TV Movie that has won the hearts of so many around the world.
It seems odd that 1973's Sunshine has fallen off the cultural radar these days. Back when there were only three networks and average viewing figures were still in the tens of millions. This movie pulled in the highest ratings ever for a TV movie in the USA and also had very high ratings abroad, in places like the U.K. and Australia. It would be easy to dismiss it as another of the dying girlfriend/wife movies that tried to jump on the Love Story bandwagon in the early-mid 70s but this in many ways is an anti-Love Story, avoiding the sugar coating and gloss (no beautiful deathbed scene here) for something altogether messier and more down to Earth. Its characters don't behave the way you expect them to today, often making stupid or selfish decisions, running away both figuratively and literally and constantly arguing In other words, behaving like regular human beings rather than idealised romantic movie stock characters. It gives the film a sense of honesty and integrity that rises above the stereotypical weepie. If all that sounds offputting, it's the honesty with which the film deals with their very human fallibilities and troubled relationship that actually makes the film work so well. As infuriating as their responses can sometimes be, it's because neither knows how to deal with the enormity of the situation. Ultimately, the one true anchor she finds is dictating a book about her life and thoughts into a borrowed tape recorder so that her infant daughter will at least know who she was when she's old enough to start asking questions. While the tapes give her a sense of purpose, the real life events the film was inspired by mean that even that doesn't work out the way you expect. Indeed, little in the film works out the way you expect, because it's about the way that lives that were already messy can be derailed even further by disease until you have to make the most of the increasingly few calms between storms. Raines' character is constantly trying to grasp at what's still beautiful in her life, but the film never gives into mawkish sentiment in the face of reality, which makes it more emotionally relatable rather than less.
The Sunshine Movies have been remastered to give you the best video & audio presentation possible.

A sample of John Denver music from the Movie Soundtrack
Played and sung by Cliff De Young, Bill Mumy and Corey Fischer
(Sam and the band sing to Kate)


Cristina Raines ... Kate Hayden
Cliff De Young ... Sam Hayden
Meg Foster ... Nora
Brenda Vaccaro ... Dr. Carol Gillman
Bill Mumy ... Weaver
Alan Fudge ... David
Lindsay Greenbush ... Jill Hayden
Sidney Greenbush ... Jill Hayden at 2 1/2 Yrs
Sarah Valentini ... Jill at 6 months
Corey Fischer ... Cory Givitz
Adrian Ricard ... Nurse
James Hong ... Dr. Wilde
Noble Willingham ... Bartender
Bill Stout ... Interviewer

Year Released: 1973 - Running Time: 124 min - Language: English
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Video & Audio: 8-9 out of 10
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***These are actual photo's of Jacquelyn Helton & Jaquelyn with child. Sunshine Movie Photos with WatermarkSunshine Movie Photos with Watermark

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