At Sunshine Vintage Movies we sell a small selection of handpicked, very rare, out of print movies that are virtually impossible to find. We enjoy sharing movie memories that are special to us. The 1973 movie Sunshine and 1977 sequel Sunshine Christmas specifically have an exceptional place in our hearts.
We have received many "Thank You's" from people all over the World. We wanted to share with you some of the many testimonials we have received.

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Jim from Pennsylvania wrote:


"I purchased a DVD of a 70's movie called Tribes. I really enjoyed the movie and was impressed with the quality and clarity of a movie that old shown on a 70 inch television. I was happy to find this obscure film and in the future will look to Sunshine first when searching for any similar movie."


Melissa from Tennessee wrote:


"Thank you so much for finding "The Christmas Secret" with Richard Thomas and Beau Bridges. I am very pleased with how well it played. I will definitely buy from your store again! Happy Holidays!!"


Amy from Illinois wrote:


"I am really happy to get the Nashville TV series, Seasons 5 and 6"


Joquin from Alaska wrote:


"So happy to finally own Season 5 and 6 of Nashville, our favorite series. I couldn't find it anywhere that would play in the U.S. and then I found your website. Very happy! Thanks!"


Elma from Alabama wrote:


"The movie Tribes was very well done. I will recommend it to other people. Thank you"


Ben from Missouri wrote:


"I recently purchased Big Bad John DVD because I love the song and couldn't remember if I had ever seen the movie but after watching it I recalled seeing it several years ago I am extremely happy with my purchase."


Kevin from New York wrote:


"Just received season 5 and 6 of Nashville. I am so happy to receive them for it is my girlfriends favorite show. The quality is outstanding so far. Cant wait to watch it completely. THANK YOU SO MUCH"


Jacques from Arizona wrote:


"Hi, I recently ordered the seasons 5 and 6 of Nashville. I was really excited to get these and the quality is amazing."


Beverly from Michigan wrote:


"How in the world did ya'll get this movie? Beauty & The Beast with George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere; I've tried for years and couldn't find any release. Soooo happy to find it."


Wendy from Australia wrote:


"l remembered this movie 'Sandcastles' growing up and was keen to get a copy. So thank you. It is great to see a company providing older/hard to find movies. Kind regards"


Mary from Illinois wrote:


"I have received my DVD set of Danielle Steele's Crossings. I am very pleased."


Jim from Colorado wrote:


"I've purchased both Sunshine DVD's and love them!"


Laurie from Missouri wrote:


"I am so happy I found this website! Have been looking forever for the Nashville TV series. Found and purchased all the Seasons 1st thru 4th, but could never find the USA playable Seasons 5th and 6th! Was tickled to death to find them both here at Sunshine Vintage Movies. You have made me very happy! Now I can find out what happened to some of my favorite TV characters! I never got to see the show past Season 4. Hurray! Cannot wait to start the Nashville binge watch!! Thank You SVM! You are the best!!!"


Pamela from Michigan wrote:


"I received "Buster and Billie", and its perfect!! Perfect playback, fantastic price, I never thought I'd find it, and Sunshine Vintage Movies had it. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! Shop them and watch vintage movies that you loved when you were younger!!"


Jan from South Dakota wrote:


"I’m so happy to have found your website. I love the Nashville Series but could never find Season 5 or 6 that would play in the USA. Now I finally have my own set of each season. Thank you Sunshine Vintage Movies!!! "


Steve & Tami from North Carolina wrote:


"We ordered "The Promise" a movie we loved when we were first married, we had an older VHS tape that was very rough ...This copy was fantastic ...loved it once again."


Cindy from North Carolina wrote:


"I love the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and when I saw "It Happened One Christmas" I recognized the story except the roles were reversed. I never got to see it again so I ordered it. I like the message that we are all important to someone even if we don't know it. I rate the quality a 10."


Patricia from New York wrote:


"Thank you so much for my movie “The Promise”!!! Which made me think of another movie Kathleen Quinlan called TRAPPED 1987. I was wondering if they have that movie available too? And they did! Again thank you for your amazing work."


Kathy from Pennsylvania wrote:


"I ordered two movies from your company, A Girl Named Sooner and Where Pigeons Go to Die. I love them both because they touch the heart and emotions. Wonderful drama and excellent actors and actresses. These movies are very difficult to find. The quality of both movies I would rate as an 8 out of 10 because the picture itself is not as sharp and the audio is sometimes difficult to understand. I am very happy that I found these movies and really appreciate the efforts of your company to keep the old movies circulating. Thank you for your dedication."


Scott from Michigan wrote:


"For the movie 'On The Nickel' itself, I absolutely love it. What a gem of a story, a portrayal of genuine humanity, an honest work of art. I am sincerely grateful that you had it, and could provide a copy for me... worth every cent that I paid for it. Truly. As for the audio and video quality, the audio is great, not a lick of problems! The video itself, however is a little lacking, that is it lacks clarity, you know just kinda has a slight fuzziness to it, like the old vhs tapes, but, mind you, I’m not complaining at all! I realize full well that this is an old, hard to find bit of artist treasure, so, if it ain’t perfect, who cares!!! I’m just glad to have it; and say again to you: thank you very, very much."


Kelly from Illinois wrote:


"I ordered the movie, Living Proof, The story of Hank Williams Jr. I just finished watching it. The sound and quality were perfect. Thank you very much! The packaging was also very good! I was surprised. I had this movie on dvd but other places I have ordered from didn't always turn out well. I am very pleased. I hope you continue to add more true life movies to your gallery."


Scott from West Virginia wrote:


"I bought Living Proof the hank Williams life story and it is great. The product arrived just few weeks after I ordered it (given the mess with the USPS). The sound and picture quality are better than the old VHS I had of it. Would highly recommend. This was a great purchase."


Gloria from Pennsylvania wrote:


"My daughter bought me the Cicely Tyson movie Ms. Scrooge for Christmas. I always looked forward to watching it every Christmas. But these days it is rare to find it. I am so excited to have it at my fingertips. It is so good. The same quality as seen on television."


Sharon from Michigan wrote:


"Crossings movie DVDs Were in incredible shape, regarding video and audio. I rate this at 10. I plan on ordering from you in the future."


Barbara from Maryland wrote:


"The DVD, Beauty and the Beast (George C. Scott, 1976) has arrived. It is absolutely beautiful!!! The video and audio quality I would rate as a 10. Thank you so much!"


Catherine from Ontario Canada wrote:


"Having my set of Nashville tv show completed now. Was so exciting to have it all now. As only had Seasons 1-4 and there should have been season 1-6 but station decided to change half way through and I could not get Seasons 5-6 accept in the UK. Living in Canada there was no way I could get the last 2 seasons to play on my dvd/blue ray player. Then I came across Sunshine Vintage Movies and now am proud owner of 1-6. Lasting customer for sure."


Ray from Saint Louis MO wrote:


"I want to say thanks so much for this movie (Ms.Scrooge) I was blown away by the emotions that came out of me. I laughed and I cried the joy of this movie took me back the the time I was only a pre-teen. I value all the quality and efforts of all the hard to work to find this masterpiece. On a scale of 1-10....Its a 10, no doubt the quality of the picture and sound were right where they needed to be, giving me every memory I have had during the time of the movie and the Christmas joy it gave to me and my siblings. I will defiantly recommend your service to any one looking for a film they think may be lost."


William from Ohio wrote:


"I purchased two DVDs for this Christmas season and am very pleased. The first, A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (1969) with Jason Robards is a beautiful Christmas story relived in the eyes and mind of a grandson. This movie has special meaning to me because I met a beautiful person in 1969 that became a life long friend.
The second DVD, IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS (1977), with Marlo Thomas is the story of a young lady who is forced to abandon her dreams to save a failing "savings and loan" started by her father. It's really a twist on the famous Jimmy Stewart movie, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" with Marlo Thomas as the main character. This movie is special to me because when I first viewed it, my wife and I were the parents of a beautiful 2 year old daughter and the movie simply touched my heart about what is truly important in life.
The picture quality of both DVDs is low by today's standards meaning the movies are somewhat grainy but still very nice to watch such wonderful stories. the sound quality is good.
I would rate both DVDs 7 out of 10.
NOTE: I was able to watch IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS recently using ON DEMAND cable tv and the quality of the ON DEMAND movie had exactly the same picture quality as the DVD I purchased from Sunshine Vintage Movies!"


Antonio from New York wrote:


"I'm so thrilled that my son found your site. I've been looking for the movie " Where Pigeons go to Die" for long time. Finely I found it. Thank you! Keep up the good work!"


Cindy from Pennsylvania wrote:


"My hair dresser has been looking for this movie for years, Where The Lilies Bloom. I have surprised her with it and she was thrilled. Thank you!"


Dennis from San Antonio, TX wrote:


"Just wanted to say thank you. Buster and Billie arrived yesterday. Have a wonderful Holiday! "


Dennis from Philadelphia, PA wrote:


"I just received the DVD I recently ordered (Tribes-1970). I am extremely satisfied with the picture quality and color of a 50 year old made for TV movie. Thank you very much!"


Gary from North Carolina wrote:


"Just wanted to thank you so very much. I have been looking for so long for the Living Proof, Hank Williams Jr. story and you had it. I am so tickled. That made my day and am so thankful for you all."


Jill from Virginia wrote:


"Thank you so very much! I just watched the movie Sunshine, it was beautiful. The colors were brilliant and the picture perfect and clear. I saw the movie when I was a kid, read the book and made an A on my book report. So emotionally beautiful... my name is Jill & I sang Sunshine on my shoulder to sing my son to sleep. Thank you again for providing it for me to have."


Peggy from Illinois wrote:


"I loved this movie years ago and have not been able to find it until now. Thank you to Sunshine movies that I was able to find it and watch it. Good quality for a 1979 movie. 'The Promise'."


Chey from New York wrote:


"Thank you for making this otherwise unobtainable movie ('Norwood') available. While it turned out that I didn't care for the movie, the reproductive quality was very good. I'm bookmarking your site for future!"


Nancy from California wrote:


"I cannot tell you how excited I was to find the movie THE PROMISE on DVD finally! It is one of my most favorite books and I have had the VHS for 25 or 30 years but could never find it on DVD. Once I did, I had my doubts about the quality and wasn't expecting to be very impressed. WEll!! I am not only impressed, I am THRILLED with my DVD!!! I JUST got it in the mail yesterday and I watched it asap. It is perfect!!! the picture, the sound, the quality.....I cannot thank you enough nor recommend you more! thank you!!!!"


Monika from San Antonio, Texas wrote:


"I just received my two copies of The Dottie West story from you. I'm going to give one as a Christmas Gift, it will be a big surprise. I could only find it on Amazon in VHS, used, for about $135.00!! Thank you!!!!"


Alan from Massachusetts wrote:


"I purchased the film "The Flim Flam Man". I have not seen it in over 30 years. It arrived in perfect condition. The DVD played perfectly. Thank you and stay safe."


Michael from Ohio wrote:


"My Big Dreams and Broken Hearts, The Dottie West Story order arrived today! Thank you very much!"


Carolyn from Georgia wrote:


"I received the DVD titled Glory! Glory!. I have been looking for a copy of this ever since i saw it on TV back in 1989. Thank you very much for having it."


Judy from California wrote:


"I just received the Sunshine and Sunshine Christmas movies and I'm very pleased. The quality is better than I expected and I thoroughly enjoy Sunshine. I have since it came out in 1973. I'm very happy with my purchase."


Bruce from New York wrote:


"Tribes is a great movie and Sunshine provided quick service."


Ella from Maryland wrote:


"Movie - The Promise. I saw this movie years ago and tried to find it on line. Sunshine Vintage Movies was the only place I could order. The quality of the movie was excellent. loved this. Thanks Sunshine"


Richard and Barbara from Minnesota wrote:


"Got The Dottie West Story in the mail today. It was really good. Thank you so much"


Cat from Washington State wrote:


"I was delighted to find this Made for TV movie that I watched years ago on television. The DVD delivery was timely and it was easy to find and order on your site AND less expensive than than the other site I found it on. I remembered it as a touching story and whenever I heard the song "Sunshine" I thought of that show. The lifestyle was reminiscent of another time. I didn't know there was a sequel. Thanks for carrying these old movies and providing them at a reasonable price."


Dawn from Colorado wrote:


"Thank you so much Sunshine Vintage Movies for providing me with an excellent dvd of Beauty and the Beast! This movie brings back good memories of a wonderful time in my life and I truly enjoyed it. I've ordered this movie from other places and they were terrible copies. I don't expect perfection considering it came out in the 70s but I do expect it to be watchable. Thanks again! Dawn from Aurora"


Janet from TX wrote:


"Hello, Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Scrooge and The Christmas Secret came in. Both played FINE! Many thanks."


C R Ellsworth from Michigan wrote:


"Just got and watched The Flim Flam Man. A movie I loved and remembered from when it was new. The disc I got from Sunshine Vintage Movies was a magnificent print. It was as good as any remastered Movie I've seen; great visual and audio also."


Bev M. from TN wrote:


"Your site offers movies I can't find elsewhere like Buster and Billie. I will check back in with you and hopefully find more hard to find movies. Thank you, five star company! Bev M."


Heather from California wrote:


"I ordered Sunshine Christmas, as one of its co-stars, Eileen Heckart, is my favorite actress. This is THE BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER MADE! I've watched it twice already. Between the great story line, the great cast and the music, this movie is the best ever!"


Mary from Kentucky wrote:


"Oh my Gosh, I just watched A Christmas To Remember with Jason Robards and Eva Marie Saint 1969 74 minutes. I am so thankful to you for making this possible. It was a Hallmark special when I first saw it many years ago when I was so young. I felt like I knew these people. This movie has everything in it. I love it and I always looked for it to come on. Thank you again and Merry Christmas"


Dan from Texas wrote:


"Received "It Happened One Christmas", a 1977 movie that I have searched for many years. Finally I found Sunshine and the movie. The quality and packaging are both very professional and excellent. Thank you Sunshine! Your mission is obviously a labor of love."


Shirley from the United Kingdom wrote:


"Received The Promise this morning, and could not wait to watch it and I just loved it. Thank you very much, Shirley"


Natasha from Florida wrote:


"Ordered Beauty and the Beast from your website. Wow, you bring back a lot of memories. I have been searching for this DVD for about 15 Years! Could NEVER find it anywhere so I cant tell you how overjoyed I am to have located it! I think I will be purchasing more - You have some Rare movies! I Love it. Thank You for offering these ~ Natasha"


Terry from Michigan wrote:


"Big Bad John - Great movie. Worked for Jimmy Dean the writer of the song the movie is based on. Brings back memories of how great of a person he was."


Dean from Virginia wrote:


"Ms. Scrooge DVD. Have wanted this movie for a long time. Great movie! Very meaningful! Movie quality is exceptionally good...very pleased! Thank you very much!"


Shonna from Louisiana wrote:


"I've received my movies and I'm very satisfied with them, love watching them all, thank y'all so much .... The Dottie West Story, The Hank Williams Jr Story, The Tammy Wynette Story."


Alan from Oklahoma wrote:


"Just got a DVD of Big Dreams and Broken Hearts...I had a song in that glad to find a copy of this movie...Thank you, so much!!!"


Patricia from Vermont wrote:


"Thank you for The Christmas Tree with William Holden! I've been looking for this and other movies for a long time It's nice to have found you."


Leslie from Washington wrote:


"Was so very happy to finally receive DVD, "Island of Blue Dolphins". My granddaughter was looking in the mail everyday for it, we watched it right away! "


Carrie from MISSOURI wrote:


"My mom has been searching for the 1976 version of Beauty and the Beast forever; I remember her on my aunt's computer trying to find it online before we even had our own home computer. Every year or two since then, she's asked my sister or myself to look again until she finally just gave up not long ago.
When I started looking for a gift for Mothers Day, it happened to cross my mind and I decided to search one last time, without much hope of actually finding it. Then, I found it here. I have enjoyed her excitement over finally having the movie that she loved so much she's been searching for years, and I've enjoyed reminding my sister she will never top this gift.
Mom also said she was impressed with the quality of both the sound and video. I would absolutely recommend Sunshine Vintage Movies!"


Loretta from South Carolina wrote:


"I order "Get to The Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story" I've have searched and searched for that movie with no luck until I came upon Sunshine Vintage Movies. I was so excited and very pleased with the speed I received it in just as they said it would be. Perfectly packaged, very secured and excellent quality. The movie played beautifully and the sound was right on key. Thank you so very much Sunshine Vintage hopefully you will get more movie titles and I'll order more in the future thanks again."


Kim from Texas wrote:


"Oh great, I got them today. The Dottie West Story, The Tammy Wynette Story, The John Denver Story, Little Darlings and The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Beverly from South Carolina wrote:


"Where The Lilies Bloom is a movie that touched my heart being I spent most my summers in the smoky mountains and when I read the book for school I fell in love with this movie but could never find it. I saw it for sell once at $94.00 and I knew I couldn't afford that but I found you and ordered my DVD from YOU. Thank You so very much for keeping the Movies of America Alive again."


Debbie from New Jersey wrote:


"I saw Buster and Billie in the mid-70s and never forgot it. When Jan Michael Vincent died, I felt inspired to turn my 22-year-old daughter on to the movie. Normally she resists my movie and music recommendations. But she agreed to watch it with me and absolutely loved it too. We were both crying our eyes out and that beautiful, haunting song, "Billie's Theme," has been on my mind ever since. The quality of the movie was a little dark and slightly fuzzy but well, well worth it. I am so happy I was able to see this movie again. Thank you!"


I love country music from Louisiana wrote:


"Thank you , so glad I found your site , I been looking for the movie Get to the heart The Barbara Mandrell Story for years so glad I found it and the movie Living Proof The Hank Williams Jr story !!!!"


Mary from Wisconsin wrote:


"I received my movies today, the night the lights went out in georgia and it happened one christmas and I love them. Just wanted to say thank you for always getting back to me I appreciate it very much. Thank you Mary"


Sharne from Virginia wrote:


"Hi. I just want to say...Thank you very much! I received the Buster and Billie dvd today. I am so grateful and exicited. Thanks again."


Mary from Iowa wrote:


"The Sunshine story is about my sister in law. I loved the movie"


Shonna from Louisiana wrote:


"Just wanted to let y'all know I received my movies, The Hank Williams Jr Story and The Barbara Mandrell Story, thank y'all so much"


Josie from Indiana wrote:


"Thank you so much for providing The Christmas Tree movie! My Son,Daughter and I watched this movie in the 70s and they fell in love with it. Every year at Christmas time we would try to find this movie on TV. We were no longer able to view it and we have been searching everywhere. I came across your website and what a wonderful surprise. I purchased one copy for myself but will be purchasing 2 more copies to give to them. They will be elated to receive it!!! Thank you again!!! December 2018"


Whitney from West Virgina wrote:


"Thank you!!! Glad that I found your website and The Hank Williams Jr Story."


Glen from California wrote:


"I have been searching for these movies for a long time. The Tammy Wynette Story, The Dottie West Story and Living Proof, The Hank Williams Jr Story. Thank You so much for having them. Glen"


Salvatore from NY, NY wrote:


"Received "The Egyptian"...great quality. THANK YOU! Have tried to get it at a resonable price for a long time."


Rose from MS wrote:


"Finally found all the old movies from my childhood, especially a girl named sooner. I plan on ordering many more."


Diana from West Virginia wrote:


"I received Buster and Billie and I watched it last night it was very good nice and clear love that movie, thank you"


Bruce from WI wrote:


"I have had a difficult time locating the 1978 movie called "The Promise". SVM provided me the DVD movie in a timely manner and the quality was actually pretty good. This movie is a unique love story and will bring a tear to your eye. Many thanks to SVM for providing the classics!!"


Ernie from Texas wrote:


"I grew up listening to Hank Williams and Hank Williams jr and when I first saw living proof the Hank Williams jr story I was so happy to see my country music star had a movie about his life and career and a lot of my friends and family have never seen or even heard of the movie so thank you for having that movie now. It took me a while to find the movie or your website but I am so glad I did thank you again hope to purchase more rare and hard to find movies"


Mickey from California wrote:


"Thank you so much for your finding rare movies service. I received both my movies today. Really didn't think you could find them, so needless to say I'm beyond happy!"


Helen from South Wales, United Kingdom wrote:


"I recall seeing the film of Beauty and the Beast with George C. Scott, on the television, back in 1979, I was 8 at the time, I couldn't remember which actor played the Beast, until I came across it on YouTube. I have been searching for a while,for this particular version of Beauty and the Beast, I now have 2 daughters of my own, I wanted to show the DVD version that I purchased to my daughter,Tiffany. This version is a little bit sad, my daughter is soft hearted, her eyes welled up with tears when the beast gives Belle Diamonds and Emeralds as gifts for her family, I was choked up when Belle returns, the beast is Heart broken, he doesn't think Belle is coming back, due to the ring that he gave to her has been stolen by her sisters, the beast wants to die and Belle is nearly too late to save him. It is Mad to think I was 8 when I first saw this movie, now I'm 46. I am over the moon with my purchase, I received excellent quality dvd, also I loved seeing this film again, Thank you so very much xxx"


Scott from Connecticut wrote:


"I first received the film TILT on VHS on my 14th birthday, and I loved it ever since. When my VHS copy broke, I wanted the movie to be on DVD. But then I found Sunshine Vintage Movies, and I purchased TILT on DVD. Thank you very much."


Andrea from Kentucky wrote:


"I have been looking for a copy of "Sunshine" since I was a teenager. I saw the movie first on tv when I was about 4-5 and even at that young age, i remember how it made me feel. Growing up I had the book (which I read so much it was in tatters and finally bit the dust), and also the record album with all of John Denvers songs (full length) and excerpts of the main characters dialogue in the movie. After my book fell apart and I lost the album in storage I was so very sad!! After years of searching my daughter found me the book, and I have reread it multiple times. And to finally be able to find you all and the most memorable movie (next to The wizard of Oz) of all time, is a miracle and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you!!! I will be recommending and coming back a sap!! BTW, I ordered sunshine and sunshine Christmas and they are just as I remember them and the lower quality did not bother me a bit!!! Your company is really a godsend to deal with. Thank You!"


Keith from Ohio wrote:


"I just watched "A Girl Named Sooner" 1975. I was an extra during the filming and have been trying to find a copy for years. Thank you for finding it for me. The movie was fun to watch and the copy was good, except for just a couple of minor glitches. It brought back fond memories and was worth every dime. Thanks again and keep up the good work."


Cheryl from Delaware wrote:


"Just wanted to thank u wholeheartedly!!! Got the movie Sunshine today, & I am thoroughly happy with this company!!! The dvd I got from u I am completely satisfied!!! Looking forward to ordering more dvds next month, namely Take Me Home, the John Denver story. Never thought id find it!!! Thank you very much for existing."


Suzi from the U.K. wrote:


"Hi guys, Got your video yesterday (Jan Michael Vincent, Sandcastles) I had hoped it might have arrived for my birthday, but didn't quite make it. However, I was stoked to get it & of course, watched the whole thing thru last night. I have seen it before & loved it. My DVD ambition is to get all of Jan's movies, plus Michael Sarrazin, as well as other films as one offs from various artists. You said the quality may not be so good, well, okay, maybe not the best ever, but it was more than adequate. Will try your website again, films like Sandcastles are sooo hard to track down, but I know now where to come! May The Rare Movies Force Be With You. Regards, Suzi"


Cathy from New South Wales, Australia wrote:


"I loved the movie "Sunshine" & "Sunshine Christmas" since the first time I saw them in the 70's & have them recorded on a VHS video tape. I'm also a huge fan of John Denver & love his music so when video machines were no longer compatible with new TV sets, I couldn't watch these movies anymore. The movies are about love, peace, life & death & combined with John Denver's music & the legacy that he left for us to enjoy, they're very poignant & touching. When I watch them, I laugh & cry & think how precious life is, no matter how long or short it is. Live each day, Carpe Diem."

Roderick from Missouri wrote:


"I just finished watching the movie Sunshine. Your company really came through for me - MUCH APPRECIATED! Consider me the "Come Back, kid!" Its rare to find a trusting seller of vintage videos. Taking into consideration that the movie was made in 1973, I found that the picture quality and sound were remarkable. I do recall the movie being somewhat longer, but the main purpose of the film came through with a charm. My compliments to your technical abilities at resurrecting such a movie classic as this one. Yes, you have earned my trust and I will be back. You have earned a grateful customer. Thanks - Rod"

Rosanne from California wrote:


"Greetings All!
I just finished watching the movies I purchased from your website. There were Great to watch again! I remember the movie Sunshine back when I was growing up. I could not believe that was Billy Mumy aka Danger Will Robinson! What a treat it was to watch. Also I never watch The Reincarnation of Peter Proud but enjoyed it. It was a great thriller movie. I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. I can still remember watching it when it was on back in the day. All movies played great and no imperfections at all. Thanks again"

Ray from The U.K. wrote:


"Hi, you were quite right! The Sunshine DVD's arrived, safe and sound, today. Thanks once again for your help! Best, Ray"

Bryan from Hertfordshire, England wrote:


"I have wanted the film "Norwood" for years. I remembered it from the songs "Everything A Man Could Ever Need" and "Me And My Guitar". I saw it once on TV back in the '70s, but have never been able to find it on DVD. The recent sad death of Glen Campbell got me searching again, and miraculously you had it at Sunshine Vintage Movies. The DVD came very quickly and, despite our reservations, I would say it is excellent quality. Thank you so much for this film, I have really enjoyed watching it. Dealing with you was hassle free and a real pleasure. Maybe I'll find you have something else I've always wanted! Regards, best wwishes and many Thanks."

Leo from Kenner, LA wrote:


"This was one movie I just had to have in my movie collection, and it took me a long time to remember the name. The Promise is one of those movie greats that get overlooked. So, I was very disappointed to learn that it was not available on DVD. I figured that eventually it would come out on DVD. Every time I would order movies I would check to see if it was on DVD until I just figured it was not going to happen. For one reason or another a friend of mine was telling how his wife loved the movie which she could not find anywhere. So when I ordered movies again I decided to run the title in search and there it was. I figured for the cost it was worth a try. I have no regrets. The disc was clean and the sound quality for the time was right on the money. The picture quality was perfect as well bringing back the fact that it was only available on VHS. I was sitting on the sofa as if I was back in the eighties reminiscing enjoying the movie I had tried to find for over twenty years. Sunsine Vintagge Movies you have a new customer. Great job and great product. I would highly recommend you."

Laurie from West Virginia wrote:


"Purchased the Beauty and the Beast DVD (1976) as a birthday gift for my sister; however, after having a heart attack last week and is now home for a month recuperating, gave the movie to her ahead of time so she could enjoy it now. Made her day! She is such a big Beauty and the Beast fan and this particular movie is rare and so hard to find. Thank You!"

Susan from The U.K. wrote:


"I got the George C. Scott dvd of Beauty and the Beast it was brilliant."

Barbara from Texas wrote:


"Just received The Promise and The Reincarnation of Peter Proud. Thank you SO much! They sure don't make 'em like they used to!"

David from New South Wales, Australia wrote:


"Just viewed "The Christmas Tree" starring William Holden. It is a 1969 film that I first viewed on Television and which had a profound impact on me at the time. It is a very emotional film dealing with the passing of a young boy and prior to his death, his relationship with wolves. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the DVD given the age of the film. Keep up the good work Sunshine Vintage Movies."

Susan from Tennessee wrote:


"Was looking for an old favorite movie "The Egyptian". I was stunned to see how much it went for on elsewhere. Kept searching and found your site. Best price by far! Nice letter inside. I'm very pleased."

Susan from The United Kingdom wrote:


"Got the dvd of Beauty and The Beast, starring George C. Scott. Thank you, I will be giving my friend's your web address and I will be ordering again from you soon, thank you very much."

Robert from Amarillo, Texas wrote:


"Many years ago, in Dallas, Texas, I viewed a movie named "Norwood". It was a happy movie about a couple of Marines returning home and re-starting their civilian lives. I thought about it from time to time, but it was not available. Just recently I found that it was available through Sunshine Vintage Movies. For a modest price they provided the DVD containing "Norwood" and I viewed it and expect to watch it many more times. Thank you Sunshine, it may just be a movie to you all, but to me it is precious memories. I am 77 years old now. Best wishes..."

Gene from Nebraska wrote:


"I ordered 3 movies, Glory Glory, Living Proof (The Hank Williams Jr Story) and The Reincarnation of Peter Proud. Haven't seen these movies in many years and had been looking for them on DVD for several years. Then I was looking for Glory Glory on a google search and found the three and more. I received the movies in a short period of time after placing the order and the quality is great. Very Good Service!"

Max from IN wrote:


"Just wanted you to know that I received my Beauty and the Beast dvd today, thank you so much."

Tracy from NH wrote:


"I've been looking for this movie forever, and saw it for sale in here. I was nervous buying it, new to this this website. Got my movie the other day, and I really wasn't expecting it to look as good as it did. So glad I took the chance and bought Beauty and the Beast with George C Scott!"

Barb from Ohio wrote:


"I looked for a long time for Beauty and the Beast with George C Scott....was thrilled to find and pleased with it...My husband has a tattoo of the blue rose.... I also got Bustter and Billie, had not seen it in a long time....enjoyed it also....would shop here again and tell others about you. Thanks for the memories"

Maureen from Florida wrote:


""Crossings" was wonderful."

Laurie from Virginia wrote:


"When I was young I watched the movie Little Darlings. It was good and it is still beautiful. The movie is about camp and having fun. It's about young girl learning about the true value of love. It's a fun movie but also very serious subject matter and excellent acting in my opinion."

Linda from Illinois wrote:


"The DVD of the 1976 Beauty and the Beast is Great!!! Thanks so much for bringing back my memories of this movie!!!"

Erion from KENTUCKY wrote:


"I ordered, Living Proof, for an elderly friend who had been looking for it for years. He was thrilled when it came in the mail. He watched it over and over. He says he's well pleased, and can't say enough about how glad he is to finally have it on hand. I was impressed with the availability and packaging. I enjoyed the letter inside. Thank you very much for making his day!"

Todd from Oregon wrote:


"Very happy with recent order Glory! Glory! we had some friends over to watch it was in good humor."


Lowell from Utah wrote:


"Received 'A Christmas To Remember' -- Outstanding story about Christmas. Appreciate the fast shipping services. Thank you very much."

Linda from Florida wrote:


"Not one for fairy tales, I absolutely LOVED George C. Scott and Trish van Devere's version of Beauty and the Beast (1976) and have wanted a DVD of it for a long time. I found it here, and was not one bit disappointed with my purchase. The quality of the DVD was not lacking in any manner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story as much as the first time I saw it. Thank you."

Kimberly from Texas wrote:


"I want to thank you so much! I got to share with my family a movie I used to watch with my father! Sunshine!!! My family enjoyed the movies!! It brought some awesome memories of me and my father as he passed away in 2013!! I can't express enough thank you."

Teresa from Berkshire, United Kingdom wrote:


"I have loved the movie 'Sunshine' since I first saw it many, many years ago. Such a beautiful story, movingly told and the wonderful songs of John Denver. I have tried to get the DVD without any luck for years and had resorted to watching it in 10-minute sessions on YouTube. I saw there was a 'Sunshine Christmas' movie also but the YouTube version had such poor sound it wasn't worth watching. Then I found your website and in spite of serious reservations about your validity, and would the DVD be able to be played in my region (UK), I was so desperate to get the movies I thought it was worth the risk as the price was pretty reasonable. Well, I got both movies and have watched them. They played perfectly in the UK and although, as you said, the quality is not as good as today's quality, I thought it was pretty good and it was an absolute joy to be able to watch it properly again and also see the Christmas DVD. So, thank you Sunshine movies for doing what you do and providing us with rare DVD's that are so hard to get. Your service was excellent and I appreciate how you kept me updated with delivery etc. highly recommended!!"

Crystal from Maryland wrote:


"Wow! I just watched your copy of George C. Scott's Beauty and the Beast. It was wonderful. I have wanted to see it again for 40 years. Thank you so much."

Karen from Glasgow, Scotland wrote:


"I had been searching for the Danielle Steel movie, The Promise and I could not get it anywhere. I came across this site by accident and I am so glad I found it. I had only ever seen this movie once, when it first came out. I have most of Danielle Steel movies and the best thing about this one, is how closely it follows the book. I really would recommend Sunshine Vintage Movies and if I am ever looking for an older movie, that may be hard to source then I know that Sunshine Vintage Movies, will be the first website I will visit."

Karen from Iowa wrote:


"I just wanted to send a special thank you!! I have been searching everywhere for the movie Sandcastles and this morning your web page was there, so thought I would check it out. It was easy to find and affordable​. This is a wedding anniversary gift for my husband (33 Years!!) It will be a real surprise for him, since he was also looking and found nothing. THANKS FOR THE SPECIAL MEMORY!!"

Cherre from Wisconsin wrote:


"Bought the Buster and Billie movie, which I remembered and loved. I was glad to find it here at Sunshine Video for such a reasonable price. The movie played great and I now have it in my video library."

Don from Florida wrote:


"Hi and thank you for sending me the dvds of cliff de young sunshine movie. My friend will like watching them with a box of tissues. All the best kind regards, Don"

Gail from Massachusetts wrote:


"This is one of my favorite movie series and DVDs of "Crossings" that I just received is wonderful. Thank you!"

Angela from the U.K. wrote:


"Many thanks, the DVD arrived at the weekend! So good to see Sunshine again. Kind regards.....Angela"

Terry from Maine wrote:


"DVD set arrived today. 5-Star service, item, packaging & delivery! Thanks!"

Bill from Colorado wrote:


"I'll trade today's so-called 'quality' for the QUALITY we knew any time. I've come to the right place. Keep'em coming as is. I saw SOME of the cool bands; and I remember when American garbage cans didn't easily go sailing. BILL GIBBS, a very serious student of EARTHLINGNESS"

Donna from Pennsylvania wrote:


"My old copy of "The Promise" was on VHS and had been recorded off of television. Commercial breaks, language bleeped out and plain ol' age made this copy a rough one to view. I have been looking for a DVD copy of this movie ever since without any success...until now. I ordered the DVD through Sunshine Vintage Movies and am thrilled to say that I have watched the movie and it is perfect. Thank you Sunshine Vintage Movies!!!"

Shawn from Alabama wrote:


"My dad and I watched Sunshine and Sunshine Christmas when I was a little girl. I always associated the movie and the song "Sunshine on My Shoulder" with my dad. He recently went to heaven and my little sister and I planned his funeral. I had Sunshine on My Shoulder played at the funeral. My growing up with my dad was much different from my little sisters to say the least. Life was very colorful. My sister has asked me to tell her all about I ordered copies of the films for both my sister and I. Was also pleased to see that you also have the Promise which my mother and I watched together and loved as well as The Night The Lights Went Out In see, that film was filmed at a road house that I spent every friday night at with my dad when I was very small..singing with the band. Big D Brown owned that place and was my buddy. My dad told me that he was in the film at some point and I am anxious to see that. Thanks for the colorful memories!"

Michelle from Ohio wrote:


"I really enjoyed watching Sunshine and Sunshine Christmas, which I purchased from You. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, remembering all to well the feelings and dramatic ups and downs teenagers experience."

Ricky from Virginia wrote:


"I bought sunshine and a sunshine Christmas my wife and daughter loved them too thanks"

Kandy from AZ wrote:


"Finally I laid hands on DVDs of "Sunshine" & "A Sunshine Christmas". While in no way the quality we're used to...they were watchable & listenable. Lived that life back in the day & even tho "Hollywooded"/they didn't miss the mark by much..."

John from Florida wrote:


"I want to let you know that I received the DVD of "The Promise" yesterday and watched it all the way through last night. I appreciate the way you handled everything and would not hesitate to do business with you in the future. Thank you again."

Michelle from Cleveland, Ohio wrote:


"My Sunshine and Sunshine Christmas is very excellent. Thanks for bringing me back to 1970s."

Charlie from Wisconsin wrote:


"I was much pleased to find buster and billie. Many thanks."

Peggy from Ohio wrote:


"I just got my movies, Danielle Steel's Crossings, and they have already become one of my favorites to watch again and again."

Carina from Oklahoma wrote:


"My husband ordered the Tammy Wynette movie Stand By Your Man for me. I am happy to have it, the sound is good and picture quality is good. Thank you Sunshine Vintage Movies, I look forward to ordering from your company again."

Pat from Michigan wrote:


"I recently sent for a TV movie I'd been searching for about forever. The Hallmark Beauty and the Beast with George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere. I remembered it all these years as being special and like thousands of others in search of this picture (it wasn't released for some reason) wanted so much to see it again. And here it was. I am thrilled to discover, not only is it as good as I recalled (and the quality is excellent considering the age of this program), but it is now mine. Thanks to this website!"

Ketroe from Mainz, Germany wrote:


"Thank you so much for send me the "Dottie West Story" with Michele Lee. It was hard to find but now I've got it. Is a great movie about Dottie West, the quality is great and now I can show it every time. My greatest movie ever is "Coal Miner's Daughter" and I'm the greatest Loretta Lynn fan in Germany for over 30 years. I have a large LL collection and saw her for 3 times. It was not easy for a German Country Girl."

Emily from Vermont wrote:


"I almost didn't buy from this site but I am really happy I did now! I couldn't find the movie 'Tilt' anywhere on dvd. The movie plays great! Great price! The shipping only took about a week to get to me. If there is another movie I'm looking for and this site has it, I will buy from this site again. THANK YOU!"

Harry from Arizona wrote:


"Hello, I received the film The Promise, and it was fantastic. I am a big fan of Danielle Steel's movies. Thank you for your help. You have been fantastic."

Malcolm from Essex, England wrote:


"The movie Norwood DVD arrived safe and sound. Thank you !"

Becky from Texas wrote:


"I was so excited to see you have a movie that I have been searching for for years. The movie is "Norwood" with Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. I remember watching this movie when I was 11 years old and just loved it. I'm a big Glen Campbell fan and since his family has made it public that he is stricken with Alzheimer's, my search became even greater. I couldn't even find it anywhere. Thank you so much for making this available, and for bringing back great memories!
I would also like to say that the quality of the movie on DVD was excellent considering its age. I don't think it could have been any better. I will definitely come back to Sunshine Vintage Movies for my next hard to find.
Thank you again for this treasure and God bless.."

Roberta from Rapid City, SD wrote:


"I just received Sunshine and Buster and Billie am so happy to finally get these movies as I only had the album of Sunshine and it was my favorite movie. Sunshine Vintage Movies was such a BLESSING TO ME. I will be ordering more movies when I can. May God Bless You for having these movies."

Babette from North Carolina wrote:


"I wanted to follow up. I had tried the DVD The Egyptian on my DVD Player and it didn't work. I took your suggestion and tried it on a second DVD Player and voila the DVD played great! I learned to my dismay that the first DVD Player was no longer working. Thanks for standing by your product, I will keep you in mind for future purchases."

Nance from Minnesota wrote:


"I am extremely happy with the quality of the movie I ordered, "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud". This movie has a haunting tale and I am grateful to have a copy of the 1975 movie that, as a teenager, affected me in not only the writing but the production and period actors, too. It was a high school English class lesson. Well written by Max Ehrlich. (The film was mirrored closely with the book). I was skeptical about how the quality would be, and, although not "perfect", the quality really made my day. Thank you Sunshine Vintage Movies. Yes, I would give my recommendation to others who need/want to find that long lost film that's followed you since childhood. Well done."

Michelle from CA wrote:


"I loooved seeing "Beauty and the Beast w/ George C. Scott." It was my first time seeing it, and I am glad that we bought it. Thank You, Michelle"

Mandy from Colorado wrote:


"I have been searching for The Earthling for years. Glad I found it! Quality was very good, especially considering the age of the movie- will order from you guys again!"

Joe from AR wrote:


"I ordered 2 dvds of "The night the lights went out in Georgia", one for my Mom & Sister, they have looked for this movie for a long time. They both said they enjoyed them very much. They were in excellent shape, the picture was great. No problem with either one I am so glad I found them here for them. An oldie but goodie. Thanks"

Ken from WA wrote:


"We received our copy of The Earthling which is one of our favorite movies. We have the VHS copy but have been searching for the DVD copy for many years. Thanks to you we can now enjoy this movie for many years to come. Again Thank You."

Maureen from Alberta, Canada wrote:


"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have searched since 1980 for 'The Promise' and I was so delighted to find it through your Vintage Movies! The movie was everything I had hoped I remembered it would be! Thanks so much for all your efforts."

Don from Charlotte N.C. wrote:


"Thank you so much for my recent order of the Hallmark TV movie Beauty and the Beast with George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere. This movie my son found on your web site recently and ordered it for me. I was so excited because I had been searching for it for about 20 years. I viewed and the quality is very good. This movie is a gift for my wife for her birthday. Thanks again so very much."

Norma from Florida wrote:


"I received the 2 DVD Sunshine set in the mail yesterday and I'm very happy with my purchase thank you"

Dave from North Carolina wrote:


"We received our order yesterday and watched it last night. The picture and sound quality were very good and I want to thank you all for making 'Tribes' available in a DVD format. The last time I recall seeing it was during its initial televised release in 1970. A great movie that brought back a lot of fond memories. Best Regards"

Robert from Georgia wrote:


"An excellent service! Have been looking for Norwood and Buster and Billie for years and found both on this site! Thank you!!"

Mike from Illinois wrote:


"Got a movie from you folks, Glory Glory. Did not watch it right away. When we did, the first half was ok but the second half was skipping video and sound and would not play completely. Then we figured out we had to switch off blue-ray and switch on DVD player. Played great when we got the setting right! Good job and thank you for this great movie!"

Renie from Indiana wrote:


"I have been searching for some old movies that I've not been able to find until now, like the 1970's movie TRIBES with Jan Michael Vincent! Quick shipment too. Will be ordering again. Thanks for the memories!"

Edgar from Arizona wrote:


"The VHS tape of "The Promise" was almost on its last life - I had been searching for the dvd for a long time - Was so happy to have the DVD finally. It is reassuring to know that this company can find rare films. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for "The Promise". I saw it first in 1979/80 watching with my mom. We both cried at the end."

Debbie from Nevada wrote:


"Follow up! ... Just wanted to let you know that we got the movie, The Earthling. Thank you so much for the customer care that you rendered to us. We appreciate the movie and what you did to fix our problem. Thank you!"

Rob from the U.K. wrote:


"My wife and I saw Glen Campbell in the film 'Norwood' when it first came out in UK late 60's I think. Was a fan of Glen and have continued to be for last 40 years or more. I bought the soundtrack album after seeing the film which I have played many times, but had never seen the film again, despite always looking out for it. Our son heard me talking about it again recently and kindly located it at Sunshine Vintage Movies. We watched it as soon as it arrived and the memories came flooding back, thank you so much for a superb service. So sad to see Glen at his peak and now suffering from the ravages of Altzeimers. Many thanks for the happy memories!"

Don from Iowa wrote:


"The quality of The Promise DVD I purchased is quite good. Thanks for making it possible for me to own this move."

Eve from California wrote:


"Being a huge John Denver fan for over 40 years, this movie was a definite MUST HAVE to my collection. Keep in mind these movies are OVER FORTY years old -- I saw the original movie when it first aired Nov. 9, 1973. Cried my eyes out. Loved "Sunshine Christmas" and then saw every episode of the short-lived TV series! Over the years I have owned 'bootleg' copies of this movie, terrible sound, awful picture -- BUT ... "SUNSHINE VINTAGE MOVIES" has made available the best copy I have ever owned!! Now I can enjoy this movie anytime I want! THANK YOU for this opportunity! This movie touched so many people and over the years I've come across people who really want to see this movie again... so I'm definitely going to recommend SUNSHINE VINTAGE MOVIES to all those who are looking for this movie."

Trish D. from Australia wrote:


"I received a delivery of the 1973 movie Sunshine and I would just like to say thank you ... The copy was so much better than I had expected, I have been looking for this particular movie for a long time and I am glad that you were able to provide it ... Many many Thanks"

Vicki from Pennsylvania wrote:


"I recently purchased the 1973 movie Sunshine. It brought back so many memories and things I didn't remember, which was nice. The quality was as good as it possibly could be for that time. I loved it, thanks so much!"

Robert from Canada wrote:


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my DVD of The Christmas Tree. First off, I was stunned the it came in the mail before Christmas. As for the quality, it was much better than I thought it would be. Thanks for my DVD, it has taken me 20 years to find it. In my house The Christmas Tree will become a Holiday must see."

Al from OH wrote:


"My wife of 41 years and I share our favorite movies every year at Christmas time. One movie I always talk about is "The Christmas Tree." I only saw it once and remember crying my eyes out. I mention it every Christmas but we never find it being run on TV. This year I set about to locate it and, after much searching, came across your website. I was overjoyed. I ordered it and it came yesterday, Christmas Eve. After church service last night, my wife and I watched it and, again, tears flowed like water. Thanks for bringing a special movie to us. We will watch it, along with our other favorites, every Christmas.
Coincidentally, the day I found your website was the day Virna Lisi passed away. Loved her in this film and loved her for her stance against being typecast as the "dumb blond." Although her role in this movie is not a major one, her character as the loving girlfriend and "mother" to Pascal helped make this movie what it is."

Jeff from Massachusetts wrote:


"A Christmas to Remember (1978), Jason Robards and Eva Marie Saint; I saw this movie on TV quite by accident years ago and for some reason my faint memories of it stuck with me. For reasons I'm not even sure of, I decided to do a web search for it and happened upon Sunshine Vintage Movies. They were one of only two sources I found that offered it. In my opinion it is an excellent movie. I am surprised and saddened that it is not offered as a seasonal favorite on TV, but has fallen into the forgotten category. Even among these testimonials I see I am the first to comment on this film. If you want to see a Christmas movie that is entertaining and shows the true meaning of truth, love, and healing, this is for you. It will pull at your heart strings. The acting and story line are well done. The movie deserves to stand the test of time."

April from Florida wrote:


"I was very pleased with the DVD Little Darlings. It was just as I remebered! The quality was great! It felt just like watching it in the 80's. I would not have wanted to see it in the high def we have today. I will treasure this copy even if it is released in "new digitally inhanced" form !! Thanks for the memories!!! I will refer others to your site."

Bob from New Mexico wrote:


"Many thanks for offering "The Christmas Tree"!
I had been hoping to find a copy in DVD format, for years. I had originally seen the film when it was first broadcast in the US over CBS TV network, in 1974. Later, VHS tapes were occasionally available but I only found them cropped to Full Screen format, not Letterboxed for the original 1.85:1 screen ratio. Your DVD shows very nicely in 16:9 widescreen format. On my newest Hi-Def TV, the colors and clarity are very good for such an old film and one which has never been painstakingly digitally restored by any studios.
The film was originally produced in France and was recorded concurrently in English and French. This is the English language version which was released in US theaters at the same time as the alternate was shown in French cinemas (Fall, 1969). The English of Virna Lisi (Italian) and Bourvil (French) were recorded by those actors and their slight accents remain wonderfully intact - just as they should be. Overall audio quality is very good and clear throughout.
In 2012, a French language DVD was (finally) released, but only in PAL - Region-2 format. It was ONLY in French, without subtitles and with no extra features added. So, still there is nothing is lacking for viewers of this splendid English version. A great addition for any family's holiday viewing."

RG from NY wrote:


"I ordered a copy of Little Darlings to give to my young niece as a gift. I was greatly impressed by the quality. Better than I anticipated and seemingly at least as good as my long-gone original VHS movie. Thanks. I'll be ordering again soon."

Alice from Germany wrote:


"I'm very happy that my "Island of the blue Dolphins-DVD" arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for making these movie available."

Barry from England wrote:


"Many thanks for the DVD of the film 'Sunshine'. Despite the age of the original film (back in the early 1970's) it is of good enough quality for me to enjoy the film which I haven't seen since it was was first shown in cinemas all those years ago. All that I had from the time of its original release was a viny soundtrack LP consisting of a few items of music plus some spoken dialogue. Now that I have a DVD of the film, I can watch it in its entirety any time, and it has been well worth all the time that I have spent trying to track down a copy. Many thanks again."

Cheryl from Michigan wrote:


"I have been looking for Island of the Blue Dolphin DVD for a long time. Found it on this site and ordered it. Extremely happy with the quality of the DVD. Happy to now watch the movie after reading the book. Thanks!!"

Carol from Texas wrote:


"Received "The Earthling" in a timely fashion. I played the DVD on large HD TV and was delighted with the image. Fully recommend this company."

Peter from the United Kingdom wrote:


"I have received my video The Earthling and am delighted with it. We watched it last night. Many thanks for your quick and pleasant manner in this. Peter"

Diane from the New Jersey wrote:


"Peter Proud was a movie I have been searching for and was so glad when I finally got to order it and see again. I was shocked how my memory only remembered the beginning of the movie and now that I am older I really was able to follow Peter Proud in its entirety. Thank you for the great opportunity."

Marg and Loren from CA wrote:


"We watched Sunshine last night, a real tear-jerker! Thank you!"

Samantha from Idaho wrote:


"My Dad and I used to watch The Earthling all the time. I have such great memories of this movie. I have tried EVERYTHING to find it. Then I ran across your website. I can't even describe how deliriously happy this makes me. Thanks for taking the time to hunt down the tough ones!"

Jerry from Texas wrote:


"Baby Blue Marine: Very good quality, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is close captioned."

Colin from Queensland, Australia wrote:


"Thank you for dvds that arrived today, 'Sunshine, Sunshine Christmas and Buster & Billie'. Enjoyed playing them already, great to see them again."

Island from CA wrote:


"I was so thankful to find your website. I have been looking for the movie Sunshine for sometime now and couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you for making it possible for me to have the movie which is out of print now. Such a touching movie. I seen it first as a young girl. And now that I am terminally ill was longing to see it again to see a brave young woman and her fight for life. Thanks again for making it possible to have the movie."

Bev from Ohio wrote:


"Was so happy to find the DVD Buster and BIllie .. Loved this movie years and years ago .. Now I own it .. Couldn't wait for it to Arrive .. Received it today .. Yep, you guessed it .. Sat down and watched it from start to finish .. Thank you very much .. Will be a return customer"

Ray from the U.K. wrote:


"I have purchased The Earthling and have enjoyed it very much."

Amy from Indiana wrote:


"I have been looking and looking for "little Darlings" and found it on here. I was a little unsure about ordering it and the how the quality of it would be, but I did order it and I can't thank you enough. I am very happy. I already watched it.. I wanted to say Thank You I would order again anytime. :)"

Harold from Canada wrote:


"Package with DVD's The Egyptian and Samson & Delilah has arrived in very good condition. Thank you!"

Anthony "The Bear" from Auckland, New Zealand wrote:


"I would like to personally thank you for the HIGH QUALITY DVD I received today of one of my favourite films of the 70s NORWOOD starring Glen Campbell and Kim Darby, Glen Campbell is possibly the best country and western singer that I grew up with and his vocal talent, guitar and bag pipes playing and acting will always hold a special place in the heart of millions especially the writer. So once again thank you for your fast shipment of excellent well packed product ! A++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

Kim from Oklahoma wrote:


"Ordered Sunshine and Sunshine Christmas. I watched them when they first came out and loved them. Then my best friend ended up married to Kenneth Minter who is in Sunshine Christmas, can't remember the charater name, but he is the guy in the round dark glasses. He passed away earlier this year so it will be good to be able to see him in the film whenever I want. I think my friend and his children and grand children will enjoy it as well. Thank you for having these movies so he can live in our memories forever."

Pam from Florida wrote:


"I did receive the video "The Promise" and wanted to let you know the quality of the DVD is perfect. Thanks so much."

Michelle from California wrote:


"I just finished watching "The Earthling" DVD that I received and I want to thank you for an excellent copy of this 1980 film. Sometimes you do not know what to expect from old films that are transferred to DVD format and I have had my share of poorly done work in that area. I am very pleased with yours in all aspects, including the sound. Now at last I know where to go if I want a film that I cannot find otherwise. Again, thank you so much!"

Corrie from Kansas wrote:


"I had never seen the original Sunshine movie and I hadn't seen Sunshine Christmas since it came out in 1977. I was glad to see both. Thank you"

Maggie from Wyoming wrote:


"It has been so long since I have seen this feature (Beauty and the Beast) and equally as long since I have looked for it off and on. God bless you!"

John from Madison, WI wrote:


"I now have The Promise and am very happy."

James from Michigan wrote:


"I received my Norwood movie today, and all I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The quality of this dvd is incredible. I ordered this dvd online years ago and the quality wasn't great and it also had spanish subtitles all the way through it. So once again I can't thank you all enough."

Elisabeth from Lexington, MA wrote:


"I just wanted to thank you so much for making this movie available. The last time I had seen Sunshine I was 8 years old and watch it with my mother on TV. She was just recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer and it was so special for me to see this again. Thanks again"

Thomas from Indiana wrote:


"Beauty and the Beast arrived today. Views fine even on a 70" screen. All is well. Thank you so much!!"

Penny from Yorkshire, England wrote:


"Thank you Sunshine Vintage Movies, I have just received my DVD. I am so thrilled to receive it as I have wanted the film Norwood, starring Glen Campbell for years and years. I watched it straight away and it brought back so many nostalgic memories, the songs still as good as they ever were. I have loved Glen since my teens in the 1970s and still do, what a talent. I had almost given up trying to find Norwood on film and thought I would have to make do with my LP record, but now I have it on DVD. Thanks also to Sunshine Vintage Movies for the ease of the transaction,the good condition and how quickly the DVD came. Happy, Happy!"

Randall from Arkansas wrote:



Helen from Georgia wrote:


"Little Darlings" has always been a favorite movie of mine and very hard to find. It was filmed here in Georgia and an actor that I went to high school with was in the very beginning of the movie. Also the music I have always loved. The resolution was just fine! I was not disappointed with this DVD. Thank you many times!!!"

Cynthia from Richmond, VA wrote:


"I watched the Beauty & The Beast movie when it first came out and it has been on my mind all these years. I was so happy to see you had it. I ordered it and it is just as good as I remembered. Thank-you so much."

Robert from Oregon wrote:


"Recently received Baby Blue Marine, and Tribes. Was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the dvd's. Thank you!"

Cyndi from North Carolina wrote:


"In the early 1970s, my sister and I sat on our couch one evening and watched Sunshine together. I remember how much it touched both of us and how we were both boo-hooing like crazy throughout the movie. This movie never left my memory, and had been searching for quite awhile before I found you. Were in our early 60s now and my sister barely remembered the movie until I surprised her with a copy and after about 45 years we could have a good cry together, albeit, hundreds of miles apart. Thanks for the memories and keep up the good work! Bless you!"

Fred from KS wrote:


"I saw the movie Sunshine (1973) when it aired, when I was young and wild (19). This left such a impression on me that I almost cried. After seeing this version all others are irreverent. This is a shame it was only aired once. Everyone should see this version."

Maureen from the United Kingdom wrote:


"Hi there, Just a quick email to say I have received my DVD of William Holden's film The Christmas Tree Movie 1969, it came this morning post. Thank you very much."

Vaughn from British Columbia, Canada wrote:


"Very happy with the DVD of the Christmas Tree you recently sent. I'd been looking for it for many years."

Gail from CA wrote:


"Beauty and the Beast arrived yesterday. We watched it and the quality is very good. Thanks for your help."

Martin from Indiana wrote:


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Al & Emma from Illinois wrote:


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Claire from the United Kingdom wrote:


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