The Field (1990) $9.99 DVD MOVIE

Richard Harris, John Hurt, Brendan Gleeson & Tom Berenger

A man may own the land but he'll never own another man's soul...




Photo of Christmas Mountain (The Story of a Cowboy Angel) When the legal owner of a plot of land in Ireland has plans to sell it to a developer, the local renter and the villager's team with an American to prevent it from happening.
Shot in the Connemara in and near Leenaun, the film is based on true story of an unaware, insensitive globalizing Yank vs. a traditional farmer-herder (you can read the newspaper story on the wall in the local pub). It's the story of our era, of the power of globalizing money vs. local tradition and peoples' lives.
Richard Harris's tour de force performance is the highlight of this outstanding film. It's important than you resonate with his character "Bull McCabe "He is an incredibly hardworking man with massive regrets from the past, but he has an intensity about his presence which commands respect in what is quintessentially a closed community. The entire town knows how hard the bull has worked that field and rightfully sees it as his own, despite the fact he only rents it. He is completely unaware of the shenanigans of his son, which ultimately leads to the position he finds himself in. The priest is respected, but is not a person of either the community or an honorable man. In fact Harris delivers a brilliant line, by saying, as he closes the church gates "None of you priests went hungry in the famine, only us, the poor!" Essentially questioning the holy man's God given righteousness. I won't go too much into detail for those who haven't seen the film; its individual style is excellent. Hurt, as Bird, almost seems to return to John Mills's role in David Leans, Ryan's Daughter as the mentally disabled village idiot. Apart from Sean Bean returning occasionally to his Yorkshire accent as McCabe's son, it's very well directed by Jim Sheridan.


Richard Harris ... 'Bull' McCabe
John Hurt ... 'Bird' O'Donnell
Sean Bean ... Tadgh McCabe
Frances Tomelty ... Widow
Tom Berenger ... Peter - The American
Brendan Gleeson ... Quarryman
Brenda Fricker ... Maggie McCabe
Ruth McCabe ... Tinker Woman
Jer O'Leary ... Tinker Girl's Father
Noel O'Donovan ... Tomás
John Cowley ... Flanagan
Ronan Wilmot ... Tinker

Year Released: 1990 - Running Time: 107 min - Language: English
Genre: Drama | Community | History
Video & Audio: 9 out of 10
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